The Latest 2021 Tokyo N4G Summit News

With just three months left to go until the 2021 Tokyo N4G Summit – December 7-8 – the Government of Japan look forward to virtually welcoming everyone to the culminating event of the #NutritionYearofAction. The Tokyo N4G Summit in Japan comes at a critical time, more than halfway through the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition, with just 4 years left to achieve the World Health Assembly nutrition targets, and just 9 years to reach the SDGs. Read the latest news and resources below that aim to support governments, donors, civil society, the UN and businesses to make financial, policy, programmatic, or impact commitments that are data-driven. 

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Launch of Nutrition Accountability Framework 

The Nutrition Accountability Framework (NAF), developed by the Global Nutrition Report (GNR), creates the world’s first independent and comprehensive platform for registering SMART nutrition commitments and monitoring nutrition action. It helps inform, shape and inspire strong commitments for nutrition through comprehensive methods for qualifying, classifying and reporting on nutrition action, and monitoring how action translates to impact. The NAF will encourage stakeholders to improve and take more action each year, highlighting success stories and providing an equal opportunity for all stakeholders to be recognized for their actions.  

As you prepare commitments for this year, make sure to sign up for an account to access the NAF platform.After submitting your commitment, you will be given the opportunity to revise or refine it with support from a member of the Independent Expert Group. No commitments will be made public at this stage and we will alert you before they are made publicly available. Please reach out to the GNR team at if you have any questions. 

Side Event Guidance & Proposal Form 

Wondering how your institution can engage and show support to the N4G Summit’s aims this year? The Government of Japan is welcoming stakeholders to submit applications for official side events to be held from October 1st to December 17th. Please review the following guidance (French/Spanish) and submit a completed proposal form to All proposals must be submitted by October 15th and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  

Commitment-making Guide now available in French & Spanish 

The 2021 N4G Summit Commitment-making Guide is now available in French and Spanish. This guide provides the tools and resources for stakeholders looking to make commitments at the 2021 N4G Summit. It provides thorough guidance on who can make a commitment, what a commitment is, and how to develop them in line with the Summit’s thematic areas. 

2021 Tokyo N4G Summit Governance  

Governance, accountability, and transparency are core aspects to ensuring the Summit delivers credible, sustainable, and well-supported outcomes for nutrition via public and private sector action. Take a look at how the global nutrition community have come together to support the Government of Japan put on a successful nutrition Summit here