Nutrition for Growth

Working to end malnutrition by 2030


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What is Nutrition for Growth?

Action is urgently needed to tackle the global crisis of malnutrition. Each year, malnutrition claims the lives of almost 3 million children, robs over 2 billion people of their health and wellbeing, and costs the global economy over $3 trillion in lost productivity and health care costs.   For too long, the world has gravely underinvested in proven solutions to this pervasive problem. In fact, on average, countries spend about two percent of their domestic budgets on nutrition and donors allocate less than 1% of total development assistance on the high-impact nutrition programs that save lives and boost economic growth. But the tide has started to turn.   Nutrition for Growth represents an opportunity for governments, investors, civil society organizations and citizens to come together to invest in solutions to improve nutrition for the world’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens. It is a platform for governments and other partners to make high-impact commitments to end malnutrition in all its forms, and to ensure brighter and more prosperous futures.  

Upcoming Moments

Global Nutrition Summit 2017: Milan Saturday 4 November 2017   The Global Nutrition Summit will take stock of commitments made to date, celebrate progress toward global goals on nutrition, and announce new commitments to accelerate the global response to malnutrition. Learn More

2017 YEAR OF ACTION ON NUTRITION Nutrition for Growth is kicking off the Decade of Action on Nutrition by mobilizing new, specific and measurable commitments geared towards realizing the Decade of Action’s vision and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and World Health Assembly global nutrition targets. Throughout the year, Nutrition for Growth will invite stakeholders to make new financial and policy commitments at a series of high-level events, culminating in a celebration in Italy in the Fall. Learn More