Official Side Event Information – 2021

As momentum grows towards the Tokyo N4G Summit, the Government of Japan is welcoming stakeholders to host official side events through January 31, 2021. Approved side events are listed below. Applications to host a side event are closed.

Upcoming Events

The Seqota Declaration Expansion Phase: From proof of concept to scale and galvanizing government and development partner investments using lessons from the innovation phase for impact.

December 3, 9:00pm JST

The Seqota Declaration Side Event at the Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit 2021 is expected to produce recommendation and commitments which will help to accelerate the expansion and scale up phase of Seqota Declaration and FNS implementation to achieve the Government of Ethiopia’s goal of ending stunting and contribute to the SDG agenda.

Infant Feeding in Emergencies: Learning from other countries’ experiences (他国の経験から学ぶ災害時の乳児栄養支援)

December 4, 6:00pm JST

Global experts will present experiences and evidence-based information on infant feeding in emergencies: how to protect infants’ health in emergencies (for both breastfed and non-breastfed infants). Simultaneous Japanese translation will be available.

Transforming food systems for better nutrition, health, and prosperity for all

December 6, 5:00pm JST

This event will underscore the linkage between nutrition and food systems, and aims to heighten global awareness, momentum, and actions toward delivering on the promise of the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition (2016-2025) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Undernutrition causes 20% of world’s tuberculosis cases. What to do?

December 6, 7:00pm JST

Join the Stop TB Partnership to learn how undernutrition impacts the TB epidemic.

Mobilizing intergenerational action to create sustainable food systems and healthy diets for all

December 6, 7:00pm JST

At the end of a momentous year for global food governance, this event will focus on action. Youth leaders and a range of researchers, businesses, civil society leaders and policy makers will come together to discuss what they are already doing to take action within their own countries to ensure all people have healthy and sustainable diets.
This workshop will focus on the Actions 4 Change, a list of 17 actions developed in consultation with young people all around the world. More than 292,000 young people have already voted on their top actions. By December the voting will be drawing to a close and in line with the rest of the global food systems community, it will be time to start turning words into action.

Biofortified crops: A practical, scalable nutrition-sensitive solution for smallholder farmers

December 6, 8:00pm JST

HarvestPlus and Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) will share their respective experiences, challenges, lessons, and potential opportunities in empowering rural communities in LMICs to access and grow biofortified crops, and identify a way forward for scaling up. In addition, representatives of SAA and HarvestPlus will discuss their new partnership aimed at accelerating scale up of biofortification in Africa.

Food Safety: A Foundation for Nutrition and Growth

December 6, 10:00pm JST

This side session will delve into the complex multisectoral requirements to keep food safe, with a focus on low and middle-income countries and the informal markets within them where consumers source their diets. A set of specific causal pathways will be presented, through which food safety and nutrition are interlinked. These pathways are grouped into the domains of health and physiology, consumer behavior, supply chains and markets, and policy and regulation. 

Responsible Business Pledge for Better Nutrition: Business commits to tackling malnutrition

December 6, 11:00pm JST

Join WBCSD, IFBA, and Food Foundation to learn about private sector commitments intended to address over and undernutrition.

Revolutionizing Nutrition Financing

December 6, 11:00pm JST

This session intends to share solutions and mobilize new thinking around the N4G Cross-Cutting theme of “Securing new investment and driving innovation in nutrition financing”. It will bring together various organizations, representing different sectors, to pool thinking on structuring innovative financing mechanisms. The session will offer tangible views on how to mobilize new capital at scale, towards revolutionizing nutrition funding and make the sector less dependent on traditional financing flows.

Breaking the cycle of hunger and malnutrition: Pathways to healthy diets in fragile contexts

December 6, 11:00pm JST

Getting nutrition right today can save lives and futures of the most vulnerable communities. Join this discussion with the World Food Programme and partners on how to bring sustainable change in fragile contexts and achieve healthy diets for all

Financing the Nutrition Agenda: New Commitments, New Partnerships

December 7, 1:00am JST

Join this exciting #N4GSummit side event where philanthropies and other scale financiers will profile new commitments.

For better nutrition in the elderly: experiences of the community-based approaches in Japan

December 7, 10:00am JST

What have we learned, what can we do further? Turn in to the Government of Japan’s official side event “For better nutrition in the elderly: experiences of the community based approaches in Japan” on the very first day of the summit!

Futures in Balance: Addressing Childhood Obesity Today, to Protect the Health of Future Generations

December 7, 1:30pm JST

Join this official side event organized by WHO Western Pacific to discuss childhood obesity in the Pacific Region. Learn more at

Japan’s Maternal and Child Nutrition Initiatives

December 7, 3:30pm JST

Join the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan for this side event exploring maternal and child nutrition initiatives in Japan, the host country of the Summit.

Nutrition Policy in Japan: Japan’s experience and global collaboration for better nutrition

December 8, 10:00am JST

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan will host an official side event on Nutrition Policy in Japan: from its history to school lunch, and international collaboration projects.

Creating “tipping point” for transforming food environment to achieve sodium reduction

December 8, 3:30pm JST

How we can make “tipping point” for transforming food environment to achieve sodium reduction? The joint side event hosted by WHO and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan will invite speakers from all over the world!

Counting the True Cost: How Understanding the Real Cost of Food can Improve Nutrition for All

December 9, 8:30pm JST

The hidden health costs of global food systems are estimated to be $12 trillion annually! This session will discuss how food systems approaches, particularly True Cost and Value Accounting, can provide holistic assessments of the negative externalities and positive benefits of different food and nutrition interventions, thus elucidating evidence that leads to the improvement of nutrition strategies and policies.

Mutual accountability for nutrition and health: what can be learnt from best practices in multi stakeholder collaboration

December 9, 10:00pm JST

Hosted by Action Contre La Faim West and Central Africa

Tools for monitoring diet quality across countries

December 10, 12:00am JST

This event is the official launch of a set of over 100 country-adapted diet quality questionnaires (DQ-Q) that enable diet quality monitoring by countries and programmes. Each country-specific DQ-Q is fully adapted and ready to implement. The DQ-Q takes five minutes to implement and requires no specialized training, greatly reducing barriers to the collection of diet quality data in national surveys. The DQ-Q is used to derive several indicators of diet quality related to malnutrition in all its forms, including the minimum dietary diversity for women (MDD-W) and dietary risk factors for NCDs.

Investing for Impact: Towards Healthier and Sustainable Diets through Research

December 10, 4:00pm JST

Food is a human right. On World Human Rights Day, join a panel of experts as they discuss how we can
make safe and nutritious food available and accessible to the most vulnerable communities.

Featuring Shakuntala Thilsted, recipient of the 2021 World Food Prize; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao The Anh, Vice
Director, VAAS; Ricardo Hernandez of CIAT; Jatu Barmawati of Indonesian Millennial Farmers and Ronan
Zagado, Golden Rice Program lead at DA-PhilRice.

Optimizing public budgets for nutrition in Asia Pacific

December 10, 5:00pm JST

UNICEF will present the Public Finance for Children- Nutrition (PF4C-N) approach to financing nutrition services in this webinar. A seminal framework to apply public finance management (PFM) concepts and principles in the national planning and budgeting to improve child nutrition outcomes, focusing on the Asia Pacific region will be shared. This framework is detailed in a technical manual, which will be launched at the webinar, and a related e-learning course package that forms the PF4C-N toolkit for the Asia Pacific region.

Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture: Lessons Learned From IFAD-Supported Projects in East and Southern Africa

December 10, 5:00pm JST

The side event will showcase IFAD investments in the ESA region, selected for their strong commitment to improving nutrition and innovative approaches for implementing nutrition sensitive interventions. In particular, the side-event will highlight the importance of nutrition mainstreaming in the ESA region and share some best practices with the event audience.

Rights-based policies for tackling malnutrition and advancing UHC: Aligning N4G

December 10, 10:00pm JST

Join the ACTION global health partnership on International Human Rights Day for a conversation about the right to good nutrition and progress in integrating nutrition into UHC plans with the N4G side event, “Rights-based policies for tackling malnutrition and advancing Universal Health Coverage (UHC): Aligning N4G commitments with progress.” Whether you’re an advocate, parliamentarian, or civil servant, you can play a role in ensuring rights-based policies are enacted that will help tackle malnutrition and keep commitment-makers accountable for their N4G pledges.

Nutrition research in policy: research impact on policy and practice in nutrition

December 14, 11:00pm JST

UNICEF will present the Public Finance for Children- Nutrition (PF4C-N) approach to financing nutrition services in this webinar. A seminal framework to apply public finance management (PFM) concepts and principles in the national planning and budgeting to improve child nutrition outcomes, focusing on the Asia Pacific region will be shared. This framework is detailed in a technical manual, which will be launched at the webinar, and a related e-learning course package that forms the PF4C-N toolkit for the Asia Pacific region.

Stay tuned for the registration link to watch the event online

How to practically integrate nutrition and WASH as part of efforts to achieve UHC?

December 15, 5:30pm JST

Transforming food systems for healthy people, a healthy planet and a healthy economy will require unprecedented finance and strong cooperation. Public Development Banks(PDBs) can help us move forward. This event will present the PDB Initiative proposed by IFAD, and focus on PDBs’ catalytic and pivotal role in food and nutrition. The PDB Initiative focuses on improving PDBs’ capacity to contribute to the transformation of sustainable food systems that can provide good and adequate nutrition to everyone.

Action on accountability: Lessons learnt and the way forward beyond the N4G Summit

December 16, 8:00pm JST

Following the Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit, the GNR, ATNI and RESULTS UK will once again convene a meeting of stakeholders from all constituencies to come together and reflect upon the Summit. This will be an opportunity to take stock of the commitments made – celebrating the tremendous effort from all participants – to discuss the key takeaways and learnings from the Summit and explore the future of accountability, engaging with key accountability mechanisms to understand the way forward for progress on nutrition and strengthened accountability.

What schools can do for children’s nutrition and food system transformation

December 16, 10:00pm JST

How can countries promote school food that is more nutritious, desirable, context-appropriate and produced in a more sustainable way? Find out at this FAO, WHO, and WFP side event!

Financing for nutrition: Leveraging the pivotal role of Public Development Banks

December 17, 6:00pm JST

Transforming food systems for healthy people, a healthy planet and a healthy economy will require unprecedented finance and strong cooperation. Public Development Banks(PDBs) can help us move forward. This event will present the PDB Initiative proposed by IFAD, and focus on PDBs’ catalytic and pivotal role in food and nutrition. The PDB Initiative focuses on improving PDBs’ capacity to contribute to the transformation of sustainable food systems that can provide good and adequate nutrition to everyone.

Past Events

Improving Nutrition Through Bold Actions in Health and Food Systems – Fostering Commitments for N4G

October 11-14, various times

In preparation for the Nutrition for Growth (N4G) Summit, the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety of WHO and the UNICEF Nutrition Section of the Program Group will host a week long series of virtual events focused on improving nutrition through a multi system approach.

Equity From Birth: Committing to an integrated approach to immunisation and nutrition to reach Universal Health Coverage

October 28, 5:00pm JST

Integrated immunization and nutrition services have the potential to break the cycle of malnutrition and preventable diseases. Join Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Japan to learn how!

Making Better Decisions for Nutrition: Understanding positive outliers to reduce stunting

November 2, 11:00pm JST

UNICEF and Exemplars in Global Health invite you to discuss a 10-step framework for reducing stunting at scale in order to increase and inform N4G commitments as published in the Lancet series. This 10-step framework will be illustrated through Exemplar countries and countries that have made sub-national progress. Attendees will leave with strategic guidance on key actions countries can take to reduce stunting and learn more about the human and economic benefits of reducing stunting.

Nutrition for Health, not just for Growth

November 15, 9:00pm JST

NCD Alliance & co-hosts Resolve to Save Lives, American Heart Association, World Obesity Federation, Health and Global Policy Institute (Japan), The George Institute for Global Health and AstraZeneca will uncover all things NCDs, nutrition policy and priorities for urgent action.

No Time to Waste: Accelerating Progress for the Prevention, Early Detection and Treatment of Child Wasting

November 16, 9:00pm JST

The last few years have witnessed a significant increase in the level of global attention on the issue of child wasting. This side-event will harness the power of the N4G Summit to announce and leverage additional support for four key initiatives scale-up efforts to prevent and treat child wasting.

Improving Nutrition Through Accountability and Data Systems: SMART Nutrition for Growth (N4G) Data Commitments

November 17, 10:00pm JST

Join the Data for Nutrition Community of Practice to learn how data for nutrition can be strengthened and important data themes good practices by country governments. Panelists will also share SMART data commitments they have articulated so participants get a sneak preview of N4G data commitments already formulated. Learn more here

Accountability beyond N4G: How can we support commitment-makers to deliver on their promises?

November 18, 9:00pm JST

Join the Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Network (SUN CSN) and International Coalition for Advocacy on Nutrition (ICAN) to learn how we can hold commitment-makers accountable and ensure all N4G commitments become a reality.

The missing maternal, infant and young child WHA nutrition target – Where is the anemia target for young children? Perspectives from home fortification efforts

November 18, 10:00pm JST

Hosts: Home Fortification Technical Advisory Group

Growing partnerships: Collaborative action & evidence co-creation to transform management of small/nutritionally at-risk infants aged under 6 months & their mothers (MAMI)

November 19, 10:00pm JST

The MAMI Global Network will host a side event on co-creation of evidence to transform care of small and nutritionally at-risk infants & their mothers.

Multi-sectoral Collaboration in Action: Practical insights into addressing malnutrition through a multi-sectoral approach

November 22, 12:00am JST

Join the Power of Nutrition and Nutrition International to learn about multi-sectoral collaboration in nutrition programming and practical insight from diverse speakers on how to make successful multi-stakeholder approaches a reality.

Scaling up the contribution of SMEs to nutrition – tools and SUN Business Network case studies

November 23, 6pm JST

This event will outline the importance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the private sector and the vital role SMEs can play in tackling malnutrition through increasing equitable access to nutritious food.

Building resilient health systems in fragile contexts to prevent and treat malnutrition: Lessons learned and the case for multiyear funding

November 23, 9pm JST

The side event will bring together experts from across the humanitarian and development sector to explore how resilient health systems can be effectively strengthened to prevent and treat malnutrition with ‘Quality Funding’ that is multi-annual, flexible and predictable. Learn more here

From Nutrition Commitments to Action: The Importance of a Coalition for Action on Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems for Children and All in this the Decade of Action on Nutrition

November 23, 10:00pm JST

The moderator and speakers will explore how the Coalition for Action on Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems for All through its proposed actions (e.g. food fortification, shifting demands and behavior, food environment interventions), can work across diverse food systems actors in support of national roadmaps for food system transformation, while ensuring accountability for commitments made in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Essential nutrition interventions and the prevention of NCDs in later life – Results from the Nutrition International/ Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health IGNITE collaboration

November 23, 10:00pm JST

Nutrition International and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health will present new evidence and impact pathways linking maternal nutrition interventions to the prevention of non-communicable diseases in the life of a child.

Improving Maternal and Child Nutrition: Partnering to Accelerate Delivery of Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation (MMS)

November 24, 4:00pm JST

This event will focus on increasing the priority and accessibility of MMS by strengthening health systems in low-and-middle-income countries, raising awareness for MMS, and enhancing collaboration between public and private partners.

Towards a More Equal Future – The Role of Gender Equality in Ending Malnutrition by 2030

November 24, 9:00pm JST

Nutrition is a human right and gender equality issue. Join World Vision, Save the Children, CARE, SUN, Standing Together for Nutrition, and Global Affairs Canada to understand the role of gender equality and women and girls’ empowerment to sustainably improve nutrition and access to affordable, healthy diets for all.

Community Ownership Key to Good Nutrition

November 24, 11:00pm JST

Good nutrition requires community-owned programs and a multi-sectoral approach. Rural communities integrate traditional wisdom with modern nutritional science. Join community leaders from Asia, Africa and Latin America in a conversation about community ownership as the pathway to good nutrition.

Introducing the N4G Business Constituency Group: How business is stepping up to tackle malnutrition

November 29, 9:00pm JST

The N4G Business Constituency Group (BCG) is hosting a side event on 29 November to introduce the N4G Business Constituency Group, the journey over the past two years, and its contribution to tackling malnutrition in all forms. 

Nutrition During the Next 7000 Days of Life: Middle Childhood & Adolescence

November 29 10:00pm JST

Hosted by the School Meals Coalition

Nutritious School Meals – Unleashing the full potential of the next generation. How public & private support can drive increased impact for an accessible, balanced diet.

November 30, 6:00pm JST

Hosted by Ajinomoto Co., Inc. and Royal DSM

Powering Women – Promising Futures

November 30, 9:00pm JST

Good nutrition is foundational to women’s health and wellbeing. The wellbeing of women is critical to the strength of families, communities, and nations. However, inadequate nutrition is not simply a matter of poverty but also inequity. Join this session with global leaders, who are determined to bring women’s nutrition to the forefront and who will commit to key actions to accelerate women’s nutrition and equity more holistically.

The Business and Investment Case for Nutrition

November 30, 6:00pm JST

The event will illustrate how health and nutrition are relevant ESG issues for institutional investors globally. Investor Signatories to the Investor Expectations on Nutrition, Diets and Health will present a new report outlining existing responsible investment approaches to nutrition, diets and health.

Making Food Affordable for Rural People: Is It Possible?

November 30, 6:00pm JST

Gaining access to healthy and affordable food regardless of income is a challenge for the majority of rural people in developing countries. The most basic requirement of getting enough calories is not met by up to 811 million people, who were undernourished last year. Healthy diets are expensive: more than four times the cost of a basic, calorie-sufficient one. This N4G side event brings together different voices and perspective from governments, food systems experts and CSOs to discuss food systems solutions to increase food availability and affordability for rural people, identify interlinkages and connect the dots.

The event will be held in English with interpretation in Spanish, French and Japanese.

Nourishing our future: launch of the Lancet series on adolescent growth and nutrition

November 30, 7:00pm JST

Launch of the Lancet series on adolescent growth and nutrition co-hosted by The Lancet, GAIN, and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

How Japan’s know-how can help address food and nutrition challenges in the developing world

November 30, 8:00pm JST

This event explores how Japan can lend its expertise to address food and nutrition challenges in the developing world. Presentations focus on Japan’s advanced technologies, know-how and institutional innovations and their applications (applicability) in the developing world by drawing upon recent examples of such efforts by IFPRI and its collaborators from Japan.

Ensuring Nutritious Diets for Everyone, Everywhere

November 30, 9:00pm JST

Winning the race toward ending malnutrition in all its forms by 2030 requires a transformation of food systems to deliver better nutrition and healthy diets for the most vulnerable. Join CGIAR for this official N4G side event

Launch of the U.S. Government’s Global Nutrition Coordination Plan 2021-2026

December 1, 12:00am JST

The Global Nutrition Coordination Plan Secretariat will host this Nutrition For Growth side event to launch the next U.S. Government’s Global Nutrition Coordination Plan 2021-2025.

The Plan is designed to create a platform for coordination and collaboration across relevant U.S. agencies to leverage and enhance our nutrition efforts and investments, and to develop a common narrative for the U.S. Government’s goals for global nutrition.

Creating a Healthier Food Landscape in Asia

December 1, 5:00pm JST

Food Industry Asia’s session on aims to showcase the current consumer perception towards innovation and reformulation in Asia alongside industry efforts to deliver healthier products in light of addressing the dual burden of malnutrition.

Committing to a veg pledge: a multi-stakeholder initiative to increase vegetable consumption for health and the environment

December 1, 7:00pm JST

Hosts: The Food Foundation

Multisectoral systems approaches to holistically tackle malnutrition: Bridging complex theory and sustainable implementation practices

December 1, 8:00pm JST

Welthungerhilfe and Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) invite you to participate in this N4G side event a which will provide an interesting panel discussion with experts from science, civil society, government and the multilateral institutions. Translation into French will be available.

Universal truths about the global food system – sharing lessons and insights from developing a national food strategy

December 1, 9:00pm JST

England’s National Food Strategy was an independent piece of work commissioned by the UK Government. The strategy, authored by Henry Dimbleby, was published earlier this year. It has seven recommendations to government of the necessary policy changes required to create a food system in England that delivers sustainable and healthy diets for everyone. This event seeks to draw out some of these universal truths and share these insights with other member states and national policy makers who are committed to transforming the food system.

A food systems approach for better nutrition and planetary health

December 1, 9:00pm JST

Hosted by the Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU), Food System Economics Commission (FSEC) and EAT this event will bring together different stakeholders involved in shaping food systems – producers, civil society, research organizations, private sector, and governments – for an open conversation that mobilizes action on nutrition and identifies solutions to today’s nutrition crisis.

Preventing malnutrition among the most vulnerable communities in the context of climate change and biodiversity loss

December 1, 9:00pm JST

This side event will present country examples that address the link between malnutrition, climate change and biodiversity loss by fostering engagement with relevant stakeholders across the agri-food systems. With the gathered diverse expertise from different sectors, our panel will create a virtual platform to discuss how to jointly promote healthy diets and nutrition among the most vulnerable people and ecosystems. The country examples will look at efforts to address climate-related risks and responses from the gender and nutrition lens to avoid exacerbating vulnerabilities (do-no-harm) and identify new entry points for advancing gender equality and improving resilience.

Mighty Nutrients: The Power of Vitamins and Minerals to Unlock Human Potential

December 1, 10:00pm JST

Vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) have the power to unlock human potential around the world. But a staggering 3 billion people globally, perhaps more, cannot afford a healthy diet that delivers the micronutrients people need to survive and live healthy and productive lives. Join GAIN, UNICEF, the Micronutrient Forum, HarvestPlus, the Iodine Global Network, and Act4FoodGlobal to to learn more.

The critical role of urban, local and regional governments in resilient food systems and access to healthy and diverse diets for all

December 1, 10:00pm JST

This event will focus on raising awareness of value and role of urban, local and regional governments in making food systems more inclusive, equitable, sustainable and resilient to advance healthy diets for all. Such awareness is most critical and relevant where commitments and actions that underline the transformation of urban food systems also robustly connect with the food systems at “higher levels” (regional, territorial, national and global).

Promoting better nutrition outcomes through multi-sectoral approach in post-COVID 19 Asia and the Pacific

December 2, 11:00am JST

Join Nutrition International and the Asian Development bank for a discussion on the role of social protection programs in strengthening nutritional outcomes among priority groups – and how social protection can be designed and implemented for effective recovery, nutritional growth and prosperity.

Accountability for action: Breaking down barriers to strong commitment making

December 2, 8:00pm JST

Building on the momentum of the upcoming Summit, the Global Nutrition Report (GNR), Access to Nutrition Initiative (ATNI) and RESULTS UK (RUK) will host an N4G side event focused on engaging all stakeholders in a discussion on the importance of accountability, specifically challenging the idea of accountability as a barrier to progress.

Better nutrition, health, and wealth: the role of informal markets within the future food systems

December 2, 8:00pm JST

The purpose of the side event is to derive a set of principles from the discussions that can help national policy makers globally develop risk-based policies that reward positive food safety – as opposed to criminalization and marginalization – as a means to improve the governance, operations and future of informal markets to ensure their continued contribution to livelihoods, health, and nutrition.

Empowering Every Child for Healthier Future – Potential of School Feeding and Nutrition Education

December 2, 8:00pm JST

The event is for practitioners, policymakers, researchers, and private sector working on nutrition improvement around the world, with the aim of sharing the latest knowledge and experiences on nutrition improvement from various countries and related organizations.

Building investment cases for nutrition interventions: rationale and experience

December 2, 9:00pm JST

Experts and country representatives will discuss how investment cases for noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), developed by UNDP, WHO and UNIATF, under the Global Joint Programme to Catalyze Multi-sectoral Action on NCDs, have been used for diet-related policy changes and legislation, including fiscal measures and changes in packaging and labeling requirements. The session will also illustrate how nutrition intervention modelling can support an end to malnutrition in all its forms, leaving no one behind, as well as what is needed to complete the modelling and investment case for 1-2 countries.

Achieving water, food and nutrition security in a climate crisis: lessons learned from the field

December 2, 10:00pm JST

Food system transformation is required to achieve SDG 2 (end hunger and all forms of malnutrition) and 6 (clean water and sanitation for all). While traditionally siloed in academic and policy arenas, food and water are inextricably linked. this session will share lessons from the ongoing Nutrition-sensitive Agriculture Water Productivity Project being implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Benin, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda, Jordan and Egypt. 

Reducing child undernutrition: lessons from international development

December 2, 11:00pm JST

Join the World Bank Group’s independent evaluation arm, IEG, to contribute to global knowledge on what works in supporting countries highly burdened by child undernutrition. Click here for more information on the independent evaluations.

Advancing equitable access to nutrition for all food systems workers

December 2, 11:00pm JST

To end global malnutrition in all its forms, and meet the targets of the SDGs, we must build agency for the approximately 4.5 billion people that depend on food systems for their livelihoods. A significant proportion of the world’s hungry and malnourished depend on the agriculture and agri-food systems related sectors for their livelihoods. Most food systems workers are unable to access reliable nutritional inputs, join us in discussing how decent work opportunities, social protection mechanisms and workforce nutrition programs can help achieve global nutrition security.

The role of parliamentarians in  advancing global nutrition targets: An official Tokyo N4G 2021 Side event

December 2, 11:30pm JST

Members of parliament play a key role in setting strong policy and holding decisionmakers to account. In countries with high burdens of malnutrition. Join the US CEO Council for Nutrition and RESULTS UK to call on parliaments around the world to prioritize greater policies and investments in nutrition.

Reimagining the Private Sector’s Role in Addressing Undernutrition

December 2, 1:00am JST

This solutions-focused dialogue will cover the role of the private sector in addressing undernutrition. It will acknowledge successful examples of where companies have contributed to transforming social nutrition and will prompt open conversation on new ways the private and public sectors can align on global goals and work effectively together to achieve them.