2020 must be year of action on nutrition, advocates say: Devex

Women in Burundi teach each other how to make nutritious meals. Photo by: EC / ECHO / Martin Karimi / CC BY-SA

By Teresa Welsh 

WASHINGTON — The year 2019 saw the release of several major data-driven reports demonstrating the uphill climb to meet key international nutrition goals. The EAT-Lancet Commission found the world is eating a diet much too high in animal-source foods, an annual report from UNICEF revealed that one-third of children are malnourished, and an IPCC report showed that climate change threatens land needed to secure the food system and supply nutritious food — just to name a few.

With five years left to meet the World Health Assembly goals and 10 to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, nutrition advocates say 2020 is a key year for the work remaining to eliminate hunger and ensure a diverse, nutritious, and sustainable diet for the nearly 8 billion people on the rapidly warming planet.

“Five, six, seven years ago, one could sit in a three hours’ agriculture meeting without hearing the word ‘nutrition’ even once. That now seems to be changing.”— Purvi Mehta, Asia lead for agriculture, Gates Foundation

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Photo by EC / ECHO / Martin Karimi / CC BY-SA.

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