N4G Summit Dates Announced!

Today, the Government of Japan announced the official dates of the Nutrition for Growth Summit: December 7-8, 2021. With about five months left on the race toward the Summit, and with key U.N. Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) pledging moments in between, the Government of Japan continues to work closely with the nutrition community on Summit preparations. Preparations continue in earnest as this year’s host country leads by example to build a successful N4G that celebrates new and SMART commitments to accelerate progress in the fight against all forms of malnutrition by 2030. 

GNR Nutrition Accountability Framework: The world’s first, independent and comprehensive global accountability framework for nutrition aims to drive better decision-making and accelerate progress in tackling poor diets and making the fight against all forms of malnutrition winnable across all geographies and sectors. The Nutrition Accountability Framework (NAF) will minimize the burden of reporting – making it easier to identify gaps in action, measure impact, determine the most impactful actions, and allocate resources where they are needed most. Data and evidence are essential to building smarter policies and approaches to improving nutrition. Find out more here.