50 million promises: sign our petition and fight global hunger

by Craig Burnett, Concern

What’s worse than breaking one promise? Breaking 50 million, made to the world’s poorest people.

Last year, the UK government pledged to improve nutrition for 50 million people around the globe who would otherwise go hungry. But now the government is in danger of missing that target, leaving millions at greater risk of illness or even death.

It doesn’t have to be like this. There are loads of simple and effective ways to boost nutrition – from promoting breastfeeding to giving farmers new skills. And better nutrition helps people beat disease, stay in school or earn a living. So funding better nutrition means more people will escape poverty on their own, without needing further support.

Please take a few seconds to sign our petition and demand the UK Government meets its manifesto pledge.

Sign the petition today

Remember, the government has already made this commitment – your voice will help us make sure they keep it. Right now, we don’t think the government is investing enough to hit its 50 million target. It must spend more – and it must spend that extra money on high-impact activities, which make a substantial difference to people’s diets. We need investment in smart solutions that give people a real chance of transforming their lives.

Your voice could turn a broken promise into a brighter future. Please sign our petition and help the world’s poorest people.