50 million promises: sign our petition and fight global hunger

October 11, 2016

by Craig Burnett, Concern What’s worse than breaking one promise? Breaking 50 million, made to the world’s poorest people. Last year, the UK government pledged to improve nutrition for 50 million people around the globe who would otherwise go hungry. But now the government is in...

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New scorecard shows mixed picture on national nutrition targets

September 22, 2016

By Ben Hobbs, Generation Nutrition Campaign Manager,and Christelle Hure, Action Against Hunger On the occasion of the UN General Assembly and a side event on the Decade of Actionon Nutrition, Generation Nutrition is launching a scorecard that looks athow well 50 ‘high-burden’ countries are doing in setting national nutrition targets and reaching...

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Think creatively to end malnutrition

September 14, 2016

Leadership involves many tough choices. After hearing a number of perspectives on many issues, leaders must manage disagreements, seek compromise, and make choices about whether or not to take action. Fortunately, support for nutrition is not one of those hard decisions. In May of this year, I was proud to stand alongside African Development Bank...

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